How We’ll Keep the Community Together

Posted: June 13, 2021   

Hello again, Cleaners!

We hope you enjoyed your first taste of what’s in store for the beta. If you haven’t watched the latest trailer yet, check it out below:

Be sure to join us for our PvP showcase later today at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET on for more!

This writeup is meant to provide an overview of how our PvP system allows players to always compete fairly, no matter what.  Before we can get to that, we first have to talk about how we will not split the player base by releasing paid post-launch content.

Here’s how that works: 

In PvE, if anyone in your party owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them – including maps, gameplay and campaign.

No separation. No exclusion.  No split.

Now, you might be thinking, “It’s cool you aren’t splitting the community, Turtle Rock, but if you’re selling content drops, how will PvP not be pay-to-win?”

In PvP, everyone who bought Back 4 Blood can get access to all additional PvP content, even without purchasing content drops.  Players who don’t buy the content drops can earn new playable characters and Ridden in PvP, for free, through progression. Additionally, all PvP players have access to the same cards at the start of each match, regardless of whether those players have purchased content drops or not.

We hope this answers some of your questions about what we’re doing to make sure there is no pay-to-win or community separation.  Right now we’re still fully focused on getting Back 4 Blood out the door, and we’ll provide more information on post-launch content later on. 

We wanted to get the word out now because the most important thing to us about Back 4 Blood is our community. We make our games because of you and we want to make sure that you all feel good about the games we make.

We can’t wait to blow some shit up with you later this year!

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